Late Night Thoughts

I wake up in the morning with not only one but two voices in my head. “Get up” “don’t move there is no point” and that’s how it all begins…

You see, for me and many of you reading this we are facing this daily struggle of getting out of the bed and I can’t help but think why ? There are so many beautiful things to see in this world but there’s always that voice that tells me “don’t bother”. I’m one person with two minds and it is a constant battle in my brain. I argue with myself ALL DAY. I have these irrational thoughts that tell me getting out of my bed means something bad might happen. Yep I said might which means chances of something bad happening are very slim and that’s what the rational voice tells me but the irrational voice is always there telling me there’s a chance. I could be the one who gets hit by a bus, gets caught up in a shooting or kidnapped. And yes I do laugh at these thoughts well the side of me that knows this is how a crazy person thinks but it’s the other voice that has the real hold over my whole body because I constantly struggle with the what ifs. 

This is my first blog so I wanted to keep it short and simple. For people who do think like me I hope to help and share what we are all going through together in this world obsessed with the perfect body and how the amount of likes you get on social media determines who you are as a person wether your beautiful, popular, funny or cool because it doesn’t. I want to discuss the what ifs we are all afraid of and why we shouldn’t be afraid at all. I want to talk about the voices we all struggle with in our head that no matter how hard we try they won’t go away. This is actually the reason I started this blog, I’m currently in my bed since 10pm thinking, overthinking and worrying. It’s now 1am and the voices keep getting louder replaying all my conversations of this week and reminding me of things I said I would do but never started. These are the late night thoughts we are all facing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.


11 Replies to “Late Night Thoughts”

  1. Very intense read.
    When you said you lay there – thinking about all the things you said from the past week.
    I do that too. I think way too much about things that are actually not that important.
    At times I have actually taken a picture off facebook because it didn’t get any likes. It’s crazy how we sometimes rely on social media to feel beautiful.
    We think about similar things. Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts.

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    1. It’s so weird how much it can take over at night isn’t it ? I also do that all the time on Facebook I feel like people won’t like it just because it’s me which is so silly but I can’t help it. Thank you for your comment I look forward to reading your posts too!

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      1. You’re very welcome!
        Yes it’s so weird and so over hearing. I think deeply about stuff even while I’m awake. I’ll be working, feeling fine, then I have a flashback of something I said, or did, and just have a mini breakdown.

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      2. Yep that’s exactly how it feels right in the pit of your stomach. I have to try block it out and then it creeps up on me at night because I’m not busy 😐


  2. I understand your feelings, though I can’t say I relate. I’m lucky enough not to be prone to anxiety (lie!, I actually am, but not in the same way). My wife is, though, so I at least know what it’s like. But I really like your idea of what to make of your blog, so if you don’t mind I’ll hit the follow button just the same!
    P.S. One thing I can tell you is that it can be overcome, with hard work and a lot of talk (or writing, in your case) and dedicating much more time to what you like!


    1. Thank you for your honesty. I hope this helps with understanding what your wife is going through but I can’t help but praise you because my partner tells me all the time how hard it can be to be in a relationship with someone like me but he loves me and that’s why he does it which I’m sure that’s why you do too. Before I started writing I thought there was no escape but since I’ve started it has helped me so much. Thank you


  3. I’m so glad that you are finding ways to cope. I hope that this blog helps you deal with your anxiety better. It can be such a stress relief for me. I also struggle with anxiety, but not as bad. And right now I’m on medication, which is helping. I’ll be following to keep up with what you have to say!

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    1. I’m glad the medication helps you cope. I would try but I’m actually afraid I might start depending on them 😢 blogging has definitely helped me so much thank you for your comment and follow!


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