Summer Solstice 

People are going to think I’m crazy here, but out of every day of the year today is my worst day. THE SUMMER SOLSTICE.

To many people it’s great! The longest day of the year where we can get as much sunshine as possible. Well, in Irelands case it’s usually raining like today. For me it marks the start of the dark nights. Which is when my anxiety is at its worst point. I know I won’t notice for a few months but it’s the thought of them that really gets me down. To me, it just means my anxiety is coming worse than it has been all year and it’s going to hit me like a tonne of bricks.

Id like to think this year it might be different but who am I kidding ? I just have to wait until the 21st of December when I know from then on the days only get longer which means less darkness to suffer with.



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