You ARE Good Enough


Every time I look in the mirror I have so many self destructive thoughts. I wonder what people see in me and is it as bad as what I see? Yet, people tell me I have so much positive energy about me, I’m so outgoing and full of confidence and it’s what gives me the strength to keep on going. It makes me realise people don’t see the horrible things I see but when they say such nice things I feel like there describing somebody else. 

I always feel like I’m not good enough and I know I’m not the only one that feels that way and do you know what ? That’s not true! I feel like I’m not good enough in my job, in my relationship, to my best friend and my closest family but why ? Nobody has ever given me reasons to feel this way and that’s why we need to remember: it’s all in our minds. Our mind can do some crazy things which involves spiraling off into some made up stories that WE make up and then we can’t help but think they are true. There can be times that I want to just stay at home all day and read and if someone asks me to do something I jump up and do it because I don’t want to deal with the guilt of letting them down and not being good enough of a person for them. How crazy is that ? Our happiness is in our hands yet we place it somebody else’s hands time after time. 

We are prisoners of our own minds constantly telling us we are useless and no good but we need to stop for a minute and think. We are interesting, caring, and sometimes overly loving human beings and what the hell is wrong with that ? We are the most accepting non judgemental characters on this earth and we are beautiful. Our crazy minds and irrational made up stories we tend to believe is just something that makes us that little bit different and who said being different was boring ? Nobody ever. Love yourself always because sometimes we are too good not just good enough.


10 Replies to “You ARE Good Enough”

  1. You are right. People see us and they don’t see our bad side. They remember all the kind things we’ve done for them and accepts us for who we are. I really wish I could see myself like they see me.

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