Love and Support

First of all, let me just apologise for not writing the past while. To be honest, things have been really good and I find it so hard to write when I'm not feeling down because my emotions and thoughts are actually stable for once. I've gotten some really good news recently and let's just say I have been on a high ever since. All will be revealed in the coming weeks, I promise!
So, today after having some time alone I decided to come on here and explain why I haven't been writing and while I was thinking, I had this thought. This good feeling won't last forever. Which isn't a bad thing, nobody is happy all of the time but it got me thinking that nothing actually lasts forever. Instead of sitting here thinking about how my good feelings won't last I thought to myself how quickly I got over my bad feeling when I was down for a few days and felt so alone. When we go through them times of darkness it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel (I know, such a cliché thing to say) but we always pull through. Within a couple of days I went from being in a bad mood, anxious and depressed to this unbelievable feeling of love and support. I always give out about my parents and how they never supported me but I should be focusing on the people that do! My brother, sister, best friend and partner have all been there for me for so long but when I was down I couldn't focus on the good people in my life only the bad.
What I'm trying to say is when we are going through those times where our anxiety is at a high or we feel guilty remember those people who love you exactly the way you are. Those times when you feel alone and replay conversations in your head and get embarrassed or even just feel like a bad person, remember those people who are by your side and there's a reason for it. These people have supported you for so long and sometimes you wonder why? Its because people can see the amazing person you are and know that you have been with them through thick and thin and that's just the type of people we are. We can be the best advice givers in the world even if we won't follow our own. We sit and listen because we want people to do the same. We put others before ourselves because we want that in return. We love with all our hearts and it's because we are waiting to find that someone that will love us the very same way. Love us through our hard days and our good ones.
Stop focusing on those who left us and remember the ones who are still here with open arms every time we feel alone.

Again, sorry for not posting I will try post at least once a week!


6 Replies to “Love and Support”

  1. How was it that you managed to extract every feeling in my mind while writing this post? Omg we’re same!! I can’t write when I’m not feeling melancholic or nostalgic!! I kinda feel guilty about that.. my blog seemed like a dark place, filled with my sad thoughts… so happy you’re back!!!

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    1. It’s so strange isn’t it how you can feel the urge to write but only when something is going bad ? I felt the same so I tried to write uplifting blogs that can help myself and others reading .. thank you so much 😊

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      1. Wether it’s happy or sad just write once it’s real that’s what people like to read .. I read some of your blogs and they are so honest I just couldn’t stop reading you are a great writer don’t ever think different 💕

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      2. Youre such an angel and if it weren’t for your posts and your encouraging words, I would still be wondering what’s the purpose of gloomy writings😂 let’s continue to inspire the blogosphere!! ♥️♥️♥️

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